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Garage 10: Supporters Update

Dear Garage 10 Supporter,

In 2021, you helped to make our Rare Disease Day fundraiser a huge success. We are happy to report a few highlights of what we were able to accomplish with your generous donations:

  • 15 families assisted with cost of travel to specialty centers

  • Specialty centers visited include: MD Anderson, Ochsner New Orleans, Children's Hospital of New Orleans, Mayo Clinic of Rochester, MN, Texas Children's, St. Jude Children's Hospital of Memphis

  • Below is a small sample of rare diagnoses Garage 10 has provided support for this year:

- Medium-chain acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency - female infant

- Chordoma - 18 year old male

- Glioblastoma - adult female

- Marfan Syndrome - adult female

- CDG Type 2C - female child

- Ewing Sarcoma - 3 year old female

- B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia - 6 year old male

  • The families assisted although facing insurmountable expenses to travel to receive specialized care were all incredibly grateful to receive an unexpected check in the mail to assist with travel costs

  • Sadly one gift recipient lost her battle with Glioblastoma making it clear how far we still have to go in finding treatments for rare cancers

Garage 10 promises to keep fighting for rare disease awareness and also to honor our mission of providing financial gifts to those traveling to get the specialized treatments needed. We can't do it without you! Will you support rare disease this year by making a donation?

Rare Disease Day Fundraising Campaign Launching February 1st!!!!!!

Follow us on Instagram here to see the kickoff

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